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What a year!! Last year I won the Erbacce Prize for Poetry 2015 with my first collection Dystopia 38.10 (erbacce-press) which seems even more relevent as the end of the year approaches, so hear is a recap of the year so far. Dystopia 38.10 came out just after Christmas and now has several 5 star reviews in Carillon, The Journal, Five 2 One, Yellow Chair Review, Clockwise Cat, and was also reviewed by writers and poets Pete Sutton, Angels Brookes, Maria Castra Dominguez, Heath Brougher, David Atkinson, the book also has a couple more reviews due this December in Lunar Poetry Magazine and from American reviewer and author Glynn Young via TweetSpeak. The book is available in many independent bookshops across the U.K  and in my hometown of Bristol in The Arnofini Bookshop, Dreadnought Bookshop, and Bloom and Curll.

The Book is also available via Amazon where you can read several reviews https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1907878769/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8

I would prefer people buying the book via independent bookshops or direct from Erbacce Press where you can pick up a signed copy https://erbacce-press.webeden.co.uk/#/matt-duggan/4590351997 

I've had several booklaunches this year which started at The Berkeley Poetry Revue in Clifton, Bristol, a reading and Q and A with The North Bristol Writers Group, followed by launches at the Poetry Cafe in Cheltenham hosted by Sharon Larkin, Writers in the Brewery in Cirencester hosted by the wonderful Rona Laycock, and then had my official launch in Bristol which was a wonderful way to launch my first full collection with readings from the book, Film Poems with imagery from Simon Leake, and a music set from the great Fazii. I've also read in London for the Lunar Poetry Magazine and in Oxford for the Poems for Jeremy Corbyn anthology, and in Middlesbrough for the Black Light Engine Room Literary event,  Plus, I did my first international readings in Paxos, Greece, and at The Poetry on the Lake Festival in Orta, Italy organised by the wonderful Gabriel Griffin. More recently i was involved in The Erbacce Readings which was part of the Bristol Festival of Literature and Bristol Poetry Festival, and was one of the headline poets for the Spoken word Extravaganza at The Murenger House in Newport, hosted by Alan Roderick then next year I'll be headlining 'Mad as Birds' event in Swansea with several other invitations to read at of which I'll update on the website in the new year.  


  The Journal, Trafika Europe, Bunbury Magazine, Apogee Magazine, Illumen, The Stray Branch, Prole, The High Window, Proletarian Poetry, Picaroon Poetry, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Dawntreader, Bunbury Magazine, Five 2 One, Harbinger Asylum, Graffiti, The Seventh Quarry, Deep Water Literary Magazine, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Page and Spine, The Black Light Engine Room, Lunar Poetry Magazine,


I was shorlisted in the National Poetry Anthology Competition with my poem 'Hinterland' and poems have appeared in Domestic Cherry 5, Poems for Jeremy Corbyn, and upcoming in 'How Well You Walk through Madness', and an anthology for Beautiful Dragons Press.



 REVIEWS OF DYSTOPIA 38.10 ( Erbacce - Press )

Winner of the Erbacce Prize for Poetry 2015

Check out reviews of Dystopia below;

Review in The Journal issue #48 by Sam Smith

' Safe to say polemic here sits alongside whimsy, and longing follows anger (Justified)....  The many ironies and paradoxes of contemporary life are sliced open, our world looked at with an eye sometimes innocent, at times knowing and despairing...'

' .....When an approach has been alighted on and the poem does take precedence then so unforced is the poem that i could almost see the sentences sliding down Matt's arm and out his fingerprints onto the page.'

' ..lines that follow should strike a chord - " Liberty is a mirror that reflects only one version of the truth / a seditive placed in the breakfast bowls of man-made mediocrity..." then Dystopia 38.10 is for YOU..'  

SAM SMITH - The Journal issue #48 ( June 2016)  

' A balanced innovative collection of ground breaking poetry. It awakens us from a comotose state and thrusts us out of the cement of our comfort zone, right from first line. Matt Duggan the author of this engaging collection, is a poetry activist who swerves our emotions, twists and tangles our feelings...with his antithetical language, his satire, his thudding rhythm, his noval use of words we are helplessly under his spell '

Maria Castro Dominguez; Poet/ Artist   


 Review in Carillon Literary Magazine issue #44

Graham Rippon; Editor/Writer

' A masterful collection of imagist poetry, Duggan plays with the language and manages to achieve what all good art should, he gets us to look at the world anew, Highly recommended '

Pete Sutton; Writer/ Reviewer  


'Superb step into the world of a fearless poet who sees the social unrest around him and never fails to address it in this powerful journey, with astonishingly imaginative use of language we join Matt Duggan as he uses a potent mix of anger, humour, and tenderness... '

Angela Brooks; Write/Poet/Reviewer


 'Matt Duggan, in this wonderful collection of real life dystopian description, explores the inanity of contemporary life,

This collection is enjoyable reading especially in its experimental syntax and dreamy images

Pass through these poems as you would a gate guarding silence, and when the gate is opened

enter into the fresh world of surreal abandon'   

Yellow Chair Review

Dustin Pickering; Editor and Writer    



This book is a piece or the ages. It speaks to the disenfranchised masses of the world..

He plasters the walls of modern society with the screams of compassion and empathy..

I enjoyed this book and hope to read more from Duggan in the future...

Some of the poems are humorous, while others are shockingly real and revealing....

Five2 One Magazine

Adam Brown; Poet and Reviewer


Dystopia 38.10 ( Erbacce - Press ) Pick up a copy here .....





23rd March - Page and Performance, Cross Hands, Fishponds, Bristol

29th March - Guest Poet at the Berkeley Square Poetry Revue/ Square Club, Bristol

7th April - Conversation and Readings with North Bristol Writers Group

13th April - Guest Poet at the Poetry Cafe, Cheltenham

26th April - Guest Poet at Writers in the Brewery, Cirencester


The Missing Quarter- Jacks

On the edge of Corn Street

I stood as a child like Southey before me;

Awaiting the clocks final tick

eyes like a tourist staring at the quarter jacks transfixed!

On the hour they moved In beetle red - luminous yellow,

marching towards the clock-face.

The seconds chime

from golden hammers on Broad Street;

delivering the sound of time.

Today the Quarter Jacks are missing,

lost in dust-bins of boxed antiquities.

Waiting on a slashed council budget to unclamp their rustic uniforms;

with stone pages etched in ancient cuneiform.